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Dog transformation

Arife was walking around in the park she saw a lot of dogs. She was thinking why are there so many dogs today. (She is afraid of dogs) She thinks in herself I never want a dog they are dangerous and gross. Then there was a dog in front of her she says to the dog go away but the dog won’t she walks with a great bow around the dog. But the dog was following her, she look back and yelled at the dog go away but the dog didn’t listen and was following her again then she punch the dog. The dog yelped and runs away to his owner. She runs away to her home and walks to the bathroom she look in the mirror she shocked when she saw she has dog ears Then her nose turns into a wet dog nose her tong grew bigger and was hanging out her mouth her tooth’s grew longer and pointier. She thinks this isn’t happening suddenly  she felt something come out of her pants she looks back and saw a tail on that point she felt warm she saw that there fur grew all over her body. Then her hands and feet’s were changing into paws and she felt on all four she tried to stand up but that didn’t work.  She felt a lot of pain when her body change into that of a dog. When she tried to call for help only low barks came out she shocked from her new voice then she felt dizzy and get a black out. When she wake up everything was colorless  she lay in a dog bed and next to her was a feeding trough whit her name on it. When her parents (now here owners) call her for a walk she stand up and walks to her a voice in her head says yeah walking she was thinking why am I so happy? They walks to the park and she grabbed a ball and throw it away her father say go get it girl go get it. She runs after the ball and says in her head again yeah ball, ball, ball. When she the ball gets she thinks way do I like it to run after a ball? Then she saw the dog from yesterday  run to him and start play with him and then slowly her mind was gone and she thinks she’s always a dog.
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February 24, 2013
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