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Katniss and Peeta where running thru the forest because they were one of the last people that were still alive and they were followed by someone. They finely lost him and they were looking for a safe place to hide. Peeta said we lost him finally but it while not take very before he is going to find us. Katniss then said how did he get so strong? It looks like he has the best weapons who you can find here and even caught my arrow out of the sky. Looks more like a robot to me said Peeta.
Katniss then said I think we won’t get save out of this game this time. Looks like they made him invincible so he could kill anyone without getting killed said Peeta. Maybe they use him to kill us after we won two of the games. Katniss looked at Peeta and said and said I’m going to miss you when we die. When Peeta heard that he thought I must save her he the thought about a strange stew that someone give him when he sponsored him. He read in the note that came with it that it had the power to change someone into an animal. He said to Katniss her eat this she said no I am not hungry at the moment. He said please it’s maybe your last meal ever please do it for me.
Katniss looked at him and said okay only because of you. She took the stew and begun to eat from it she thought this is really good how did you get this? Peeta looked at her and said think about an animal she asked why? Just do it please Katniss said okay and thought about an animal.

Suddenly she begun to feel strange her stomach begun to hurt.
Peeta then ask are you okay what animal did you think about? She looked at him and said it’s not the time for such a question now. He said please tell me she said okay a mocking jay.
He was relieved and said that was a good choice. Katniss looked at Peeta and asked what is wrong with you? You suddenly act really strange. Her said you while see soon. Then Katniss begin to felt that something was covering  her body. When she looked she saw brown feathers spreading all over her body. She looked in shock at the feathers and said what’s happening to me? Peeta said it while all be fine soon. She looked at Peeta and asked what have you done to me? Peeta said don’t worry it while soon be over. Then Longer feathers begun to cover her arms who now looked like wings.
Then she felt her hands hurt and begun to disappear and her arms became thinner until she had now wings instead of arms. She looked worried at Peeta and asked what is happening to me? Peeta looked at her and gave her the letter when she read it she looked to Peeta and asked am I turning into a mocking jay? And she wants to scream but she tries to resist herself but her nose and mouth begun to hurt when they mold together into a beak. She could still speak but it sound a little different. Some long feathers popped out of her tail she looked in shock when she saw them.
After that her body begun to hurt and her breast became smaller and smaller until they disappeared.
Her body shape begun to change into a stabile and fly prove bird body. She looked ad Peeta and asked how could you do this to me while the feathers where now covering her head.
Peeta then said I wanted to save you because I love you and he began to cry. She thought well he just saved my live other ways I would have died. She said okay I forgive you but why didn’t you take the stew to? He said there was just enough to transform one person. Katniss hair now had disappeared and was replaced with feathers. Then her legs begun to change they became thinner and yellow while her feet’s also where changing her feet lost two toes and the other toes became longer and became claws. She now looks like a human size bird Peeta said I love and she said I love you to after that she lost the ability to speak. She then begun to shrink now there was a Mocking jay trapped in Katniss clothes. Peeta help her out of her clothes and  he then said Katniss if you can still hear me fly I will protect you he grabs his sword and they came out of the hide. He opened his hands And Katniss flies on her new live while Peeta was fighting with that other guy she looked back and saw that Peeta gets killed she sat down on a birch and look at the dead body lying on the ground. She wants to cry but she slowly lost her human mind and could only remember a live a mocking  jay. Because they never found her back they decide to make that guy the winner while Katniss was now enjoying her new live as bird who a game later was sitting in a nest caring for her eggs.
A request from:GavinMoo

A hunger games transformation I enjoyed making it 
hope you guys also enjoy reading it.
dugdam06 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Actually it's one of your best story :-)
salo14 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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