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(girl and dog into wolfs tf)

It was a nice autumn afternoon as the sun was shinning bright with only a few clouds floating in the sky being pushed forwards by a soft breeze which also caused some of the few leaves that we're still attached to the branches to whirl down from the tree tops and cover the forests floor were they got trampled by a young woman who was barely old enough to be called adult and her Samoyed. The girl's name is Jennifer she has recognizable short brown hair which barely reached her shoulders with yellow high lights in them. And the white fluffy dog that ran ahead of her was named Laika. "Wait for me Laika" she shouted as she ran after her dog, who was running way further ahead of her. She was a real outdoor person who would spend almost every day being outside in the woods. So you wouldn't really encounter her with her face covered in make-up and wearing a dress or skirt or walking on heels. All these things would just make it harder for her to keep up with her dog who already ran far in front of her.

"Here you are" Jennifer said as she finally caught up with Laika who had stopped running. But something seemed to be of about Laika as he just stood there looking in front of her "What are you looking at girl?" Jennifer said as she walk or rather hobbled towards her dog, Only to find out a wolf staring right back at them. "Oh my god" she shouted as she fel over as she realized that the wolf stood no further away than a few feet away from her. Suddenly Laika began to growl as the wolf began to approach them. Growling as well as it showed off his sharp pointy teeth as well. Jennifer struggled to get up on her feet but she tried to stay calm as she knew that the wolf would feel intimidated by her. But the wolf kept getting closer to her. As Laika saw the wolf heading for her owner she jumped in front of him. Barking loudly at the wolf before jumping right at him. Jennifer watched in horror as both canines fought with each other to what probably would be a fight to the dead. "Laika!!!" Jennifer shouted as tears ran down her cheek as she saw how the wolf grabbed her dog by her scruff and threw her away against a tree. Both the wolf and Jennifer looked at the dog who laid there underneath the tree she was thrown against. Jennifer sobbed as she noticed that the wolf was coming for her now. While still sitting down on the forest ground she stuck out her arm as a reflects while she looked away from the wolf. She could feel his breath on her hand followed up by what felt like a sting. Still having her eyes closed she could hear the wolf turn around and walk away. Confused Jennifer openend her eyes only to see a bite mark and the wolf heading back for her dog.

"Get away from her, you bastard" Jennifer shouted as she stood up heading towards them, only to find out that he was licking her wounds. She was really confused and had no idea how to act on the situatie. But as the wolf kept licking Laika she noticed that the white fur was slowly getting a darker tone. Not sure if it was real or not Jennifer rubbed her eyes, only to notice that her hand began to change as well. "What the-" she said as she noticed that her nails had became longer and much sharper than that they used to be, but that was not all as they also seemed to had changed in color as they now have become a dark grey. As she kept looking she noticed more changes to her hands. As her fingers shrunk down and her nails moved higher up her fingers. She also noticed dark pieces of skin begin to emerge from her palms as they formed into pads. "I..I have paws?" she said more confused than terrified as she wobbled her new fingers. While playing with her new hands she noticed felt something brush thru her hair as she could feel something alien on top of her head. Terrified as she was to find out what it was she moved her paws towards her head only to feel two in fur covered pieces of skin on top of her head which turned out to be her ears. But she quickly realized that it weren't only her ears which were covered in fur as she noticed that it was slowly spreading out over her hands. And she could also feel it spread out underneath her clothes. "This can't be real" she said terrified as she could feel her feet shrinking down in her shoes as they were covered by fur as well. Unable to stand on her now hind legs she let out a high pitched screech as she tumbled towards the ground and land on all four. Now stuck on all four she had a hard time moving around as she kept falling over, unable to keep her balance in her new form.

But as she looked around her eyes fell on the wolf which was still caring for Laika she noticed that her former dogs fur had completely changed from the bright white color what it used to be to a more grayish tone, which became darker towards her back. And she also didn't seem as fluffy and cuddle anymore as that she used to be. Jennifer stumbled towards them as she wasn't used to walk around on all four like this. But as she kept trying even thought she could feel something emerge from behind her right above her butt. But she tried to ignore it as her dog was number one priority right. As she reached the wolf and Laika she sat down next to them before lowering her front legs as well and half laid down as her breast prevented her from laying down completely. Laika looked at her still changing owner with her now bright yellowish eyes. But as Jennifer looked at her dog she noticed something weird as well as her wounds seemed to have been disappeared.

"It's going to be okay Laika" she said to her dog which now looked just like a regulair wolf with a crack in her voice as her body was still changing. Her waist was pulled inwards and her breasts multiplied until she now had eight pairs before they shrunk down until only two rows of teats ran down her chest. The girl who now had become completely wolf from the head down now completely laid down next to the wolf as she tried to fight the tears which were building up behind her eyes which began to change from hazel brown to a yellowish color. Now that she also had become colorblind she realized that her fate was sealed she began to sob, which quickly changed into soft whines as she could feel her teeth become much sharper against her tongue which also began to become flatter and increase in size causing her to paint heavily, before her nose and mouth pushed outwards forming into a proper canine muzzle. As her brown hair with yellow highlights had now also gained to a gray color the transformation came to an end and so did her human live. All they could remember now was that they both are beta in the alpha male his pack.

Were Jennifer and Laika used to be now stood two wolfs from which one was wearing oversized clothes and the other one had a collar around it's neck. But that quickly changed as the wolf formally known as Jennifer shredded her form clothes while the other wolf helpt Laika with her collar. As both of them have been freed from the weird objects what they were trapped in The alpha male took the two new wolfs to add them to his pack in which they were kindly received by the others. 
Well I really wanted to do a wolf tf for a while now so well here it is.
and since this is my first wolf  tf I have ever made I wanted to make different from most other wolf tf's I hope that it worked 
and that you guys will enjoy it ^^
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