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Mirjam was just your typical teenager who was al about the newest trends and latest fashion. This mainly because it was the only way you would be accepted by the other kids at school. And even though she has lots of friends and is liked by anyone, she desired for something more.

As the school bell rang and everyone was heading home. But as Mirjam was about to leave the school she got stopped by her friends who were about to head to the mall "Mirjam, are you going with us to the mall" Emma one of Mirjam's best friends asked as she saw her passing by. "Ya sure, I don't have anything else to do" she said as she followed her friends. As they were walking they were talking about the typical girl stuff like what they were about to buy and who was the cutest boy and how to Impress them. But suddenly the subject changed as Tessa suddenly said something useful "Follow me I know a short cut" she said as she walked into a long alley with a strange and old looking door in the center. "why is there a door" Rose asked curious. "I don't know, I belief it belonged to an now abandon building from a while back" Tessa said as they were passing the door. While the other girls just ignored the strange placed door and walked straight past it.

But as Mirjam came closer to the door she could feel a strange feeling coming from the door, a feeling that felt almost magical. Curious to see what's inside she quickly thought of a pretext she could use "Oh hey, girls wait...uh I forgot to get something for my grandma's birthday and...uh my parents told me that I could find something she would like here" she said as she hoped that her friends would fall for it. "Uhm...okay we'll see you at the mall then" Emma said as she was a bit confused. "Okay...I see your girls their" Mirjam said before going thru the door only to find a shop which sold al type of strange looking artifacts. 

Curious she walked along the shelf's admiring was stood on top of them. "Good day, young lady?" A sweet and warm voice said out of no were. Mirjam startled turned around only to find a nice elderly looking woman. "Oh...I was just..." But she got interrupted "Oh no need to explain, I know why your hear" she said with a friendly smile. "Oh ya, you do?" Mirjam asked confused as she had no Idea herself what she was doing there. "Yes everyone comes here with a reason even despite not knowing it themselves" She explained to her. "But why did I came here then ma'am?" Mirjam asked curious for her answer. "Oh please just call me Giselda" she said "The reason you got her is because you want to find out who you truly are, you live your life by following others taking there advise and act like they do, meanwhile you desire to be your thru self to live your life in the way you want to life it." She explained to Mirjam who had no idea how to response to that. 

"How does she know me better than that I know myself?" Mirjam thought as was kinda terrified by Giselda. "Don't worry I can help you with Releasing your thru self" Giselda said. "I don't know if I'll be able to pay for that" Mirjam said trying to get out of it. "Don't worry, I'll do it for free" Giselda said as she tried to convince her. "We'll maybe I could give it a try" Mirjam said hesitated. "That's great darling, you wont regret it" Giselda said as she lead her to a door at the back of the store. "When you enter just sit down on the pillow in the center and relax and after the treatment I'll return for you okay?" Giselda asked. "Yes I guess" Mirjam said as she entered the chamber behind the door which was light up the many candles that were spread out thru the room with one big pillow in the center and a gained body mirror across the room.

"Okay here I'll go" Mirjam said as she sat down on the pillow and closed her eyes as she took a deep breath. "It's nice indeed" She thought as the aroma of the candles surrounded her. She went in some sort of trance not being bother as her ears brushing aside her hair as they grow in length and changed in shape, it felt rather nice. The smell of the aroma hanging in the room became stronger as her nose was growing wider and gained a brown leathery texture. As her nose collide with her mouth she could feel as strange sensation as  it slightly got pushed forward into a muzzle. But she didn't really seem to be bothered by it as a new warm feeling slowly spread out over her entire body. But suddenly the sound of her fingers against the floor began to change as it began to sound louder and it sounded more like as if she was tabbing with a rock on the ground even though she could still feel that it were her own fingers. Mirjam couldn't help to peak at her hand only to let out a terrifying loud scream as she saw that the tips of her fingers now were coated in strange dark material. She hold her hands in front of her only to see her reflection in the mirror in front of her between her fingers. "Oh god, what happened to me!?" Though terrified as she examined her body. "No no no, I even have a tail" Mirjam cried as she looked at the small white puff sticking out from her jeans.

"I see you have found your thru self" Giselda said as she entered the room. "What have you done to me?" Mirjam asked walking away from Giselda. "Please calm down, you have released your thru self" Giselda said. "But why did it change me into a sheep human hybrid then?" Mirjam asked as tears ran down her new her in white fur covered cheeks. "That's because you are not the one who wants to be in charge. You want other people around you to take the lead for you so you can focus on the things you really desire" Giselda explained to her. Mirjam wiped her tears away "You know maybe this isn't so bad, I mean this is who I truly am" Mirjam said as what Giselda told her comfort her. "Thank you so much for releasing my true self" Mirjam said as she gave her a hug before heading back to her friends at the mall. 

"Hey girls" Mirjam shouted as she waved at her friends who were startled to see her. "Mi...Mirjam, is that you?" Emma asked confused not believing what she saw. "Yes, it's really me" she said enjoying the confused and slightly terrified reactions of her friends. "Wat happened to you" Tessa asked curious "Let's just say I have released my true self" she said before she suddenly felt a hand fondle her cheek. "Wow your so soft" Rose said in disbelief causing Mirjam to blush. "Now that your here do you want to join us at the food corner?" Emma asked "Sure, I could go for a salade" She joked as they headed to the food corner.

Mirjam couldn't help but to smile as she looked at her friends sitting around her at the table. Despite not knowing of her friends really had accepted her or they thought that she was playing a prank on them they still seemed to accept who she really was.

This is a story based on the morph done by :iconbobbyj251: I hope you guys and girls enjoy the story ^^

and if you want to check out the morph itself you can go here:…
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